Ruffled Neck DIY T Shirt project is the project we chose to show you. This is one of the easiest tutorials, it is really simple to make and you will end up with an amazing new T Shirt.

For this Ruffled Neck DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T Shirt, a pair of scissors, elastic, chalk and a sewing machine.

There are only a few easy steps that you need to follow to make this amazing Ruffled Neck DIY T Shirt T Shirt.
Ruffled Neck DIY T Shirt Steps -

Start by placing the T Shirt on a flat surface and mark where you will need to cut later. It is recommended to turn the shirt upside down and then make the marks. When you mark the neckline, it is best to measure from the sides so that you are sure that everything is nice and even.
After you’ve made the marks, cut with your pair of scissors. Make sure that you are following the marks correctly. You are now almost done with your project. The last step is to sew in the elastic. Lay it over the neckline and sew it with a sewing machine. Use a zig – zag stitch. It will look better because the elastic will twist if you use a straight stitch.
Now you are done with your Ruffeled Neck T Shirt. Wasn’t this easy?
You can wear this cool T Shirt to almost any event and you will look cool and modern. If you want to, you can use your imagination and add flowers, pearls or even lace on the sides.
The time that is needed to make this T Shirt is less than 30 minutes, so don’t waste another minute, start cutting!


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