Today I choose some different project,but i’m sure you will simple loved it. This DIY Remodel Sexy Heels is one of those easy and fast doing project. You will need just 15 minutes some patience and you will end up with new sexy and luxury high heels. Look at the picture below and admit that you can’t wait to transform those old boring black heels that you have at home.
 DIY Remodel Heels -

For this DIY Remodel Sexy Heels project you will need:glue, tweezers and tong , some zircon stones and plastic plate or something where you can place the glue.
 DIY Remodel Heels Materials -

As all other project all you ave to do is to follow the steps shown on the picture bellow. So begin with preparing all those zircon stones. As shown on the picture it depends on what kind of material you have. If it is like these we choose for this project than first you have to separate the stone from the holders. When you are done with this step, place some glue on the plastic plate.
 DIY Remodel Heels Step 1 -

Using the tweezers take each stone attach some glue on the back end and continue attaching the stone on the back part of your heel. For making this DIY Remodel Sexy Heels project you can simple follow the pictures and you will get the point. The best choice is first to stick the bigger stones. Be careful to attach more and less equally on both high heels. And than continue filling the gapes with smaller zircon stones.
 DIY Remodel Heels Step 2 -

And you have to admit that the the final look is just amazing. Don’t hesitate try this project at home, and share your work and experience doing this DIY Remodel Sexy Heels with us. Here we choose black high heels and white transparent zircon stones. But i’m sure this project can be done with any other combination that you choose or have.
 DIY Remodel Heels -


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