'Pong' was invented by video game enthusiast and pioneer Nolan Bushnell.The game gained runaway popularity and played by millions.Bushnell revealed the secret to its popularity by stating that it was 'easy to learn but difficult to master'. This actually was nothing but a reflection of a piece of wisdom that is ages older than our gadgetry.

An ancient Assyrian carving present in British museum shows guards playing Game of Twenty Squares for time pass.This game was invented many thousand years ago in ancient Iraq and is still played today.There are dozens of other games played today which involve throwing dice,shuffling cards or moving pieces on some sort of board to achieve seemingly simple objectives.A common fact about these games is that they are easy to learn but may become crazily difficult with increased skill of its players.

This paradox makes old games like chess,checkers or Asian game of Go so addictive.These games allow the players to create a multitude of scenarios with little alteration in moves but at the same time small restrictions imposed makes them more complex(most of you will already be aware of it).

Lets throw light on 5 games of this type,

5. Go (Ancient Asian board game)
Its a myth that an ancient Buddhist ruler of Tibet avoided a war by challenging his opponent to a game of 'Go'. Go is a simple game played on a board of 19 lines by 19 lines grid. The game is played among 2 players with two different types of pieces (white & black) by placing the pieces on empty intersections turn by turn. The player claiming more intersections and/or occupying more of the opponents pieces wins the game.
This game seems pretty easy but its difficulty can be imagined by the fact that no computer program has ever been written to play 'Go' better than actual human masters.

4. Backgammon
 backgammon -
Backgammon is one of the planet's most senior recreations. Paleontologists revealed a board and pieces underneath the rubble of the old Burnt City in Iran's Sistan-Baluchistan territory, which dates back to 3000 B.C. It likewise was played by the Romans, who called it Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum ("the 12-sided amusement").

3. Checkers or Draughts
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Checkers otherwise called draughts dates back thousand years to Egypt, where historians have found similar pieces and sheets stamped with networks of squares in old tombs. In 360 B.C., the Greek logician Plato additionally specified the game in his book "The Republic." Regarding the rules, checkers is so simple that U.S tournament checkers has only 16 rules.But advance tactics used by the players make it extremely difficult.

2. Scrabble
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Most of you, our respected readers must have played scrabble in your childhood (or still play). Alfred Mosher Butts invented this simple game for time pass in 1930s while he was unemployed.It is one of the most popular board games of all times in which players use tiles with alphabets on them to spell out words on a grid like crossword puzzle.

1. Chess (King of Board Games)
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Chess is probably the most addictive and most universally popular board game known to mankind.It has its roots in Indo-Pak subcontinent around 7th century A.D.It is played among 2 players with 16 pieces each of 2 varying colors.Its rules are so simple that they can be learned by a school going child like king moving one step in all directions and 90 degree movement of rooks or diagonal movement of bishops.But experts create numerous strategies and complex situations with these simple capabilities of the individual pieces that no other board game can match.


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