Not everyone enjoys going to a park for a cookout. There are too many people, too much noise, and dogs stealing your hamburger can be quite the deterrent. If you'd rather just enjoy the BBQ aspect of summer in peace and quiet at home, then you'll want a grill. However, if you only have a balcony you're not going to want to take up the whole walkway with a clunky metal container, so this design is perfect for you.

A balcony kitchen by Reinder Bakker from the Netherlands
Railing Planter By Greenbo
There is a lot to love about this railing planter by Greenbo – it is functional, durable, easy on the eye, space saving, and compatible with the large variety of railings. It does not require any adjustments. Simply place it on your railing, deck, or fence and its design assures that it will stay fit, stable, and beautiful.
 BalKonzept Designed By Michael Hilgers
If you hardly utilize your balcony and would like to use it as a change of environment when working, eating, reading, or finding inspiration, Berlin-based designer Michael Hilgers created an accessory called "BalKonzept" that could give you a different view from your apartment.
 Octopus-like Tentacles
The function of the Balcony Tealight is great, but what truly takes this idea to the next level is the fact that these vibrantly colored illuminators fasten to balcony rails via octopus-like tentacles. It truly provides an organic way to spruce up a living space.
Spaceslees is a system of furniture that pops up from the decking of outdoor balconies. It does not actually pop, you do need to lift it, but the pieces fold into the decking beneath their up-right position.
Tiny Sky Deck Table Made from Canadian Red Cedar
When that spacious balcony in your new apartment turns out to be nothing more than a fire escape, you can make (and enjoy) lemonade with this tiny Sky Deck table designed to securely perch on a handrail.Made from Canadian red cedar, the table has a folding arm underneath with a protruding dowel that wraps itself around a railing, ensuring that your drinks or dinner don't accidentally tumble over the side. You might not have room for an entire patio set on your fire escape, but the Sky Deck lets you slightly extend what limited space you do have.

This fancy little object goes by the name “Slide” and with it you can generate energy walking up and down steps. By simply placing your hand upon the green surface and pushing it along the railing next to the stairs you're walking on, you'll generate energy! With that energy, the several arrowhead-shaped LEDs in the object are lit so that you might see where you're going in a power outage or other emergency situation!

“Summer at the Balcony” by Christian Lessing
“Summer at the Balcony” by Christian Lessing is a multi-piece balcony wall unit inspired by retail store shelves and displays. By allowing for easy adjustment on any number of surfaces, from a stool to a bistro table, or even a flowerpot holder, designing your perfect balcony space is as easy as finding a Gap in mid-town Manhattan.

Railing Planters designed and Retailed By Green Essence
These railing planters, designed and retailed by Green Essence, bring a fun element to a little balcony garden.

Stylish Lifter
Add a few stylish and affordable gifts to bring a lift to that special someone's balcony. They are not only practical but will create a great talking point.

Funny Looking light-Birds Designed By Michael Hilgers
Designer Michael Hilgers from Rephorm has created these funny looking light-birds. It comes in two editions, one with a solar-powered light and one with a tealight holder.


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