Have you ever heard the water waves crashing with the shore and the sound of the sea gulls on the ocean side walk? There is this feeling of bliss when you see the sun setting on the water waves and the nature surrounds you with its peace and serenity. This is what being on a beach is nearly all about, the nature, the purity of the surroundings, and the beautiful background score.
If what I mentioned is what you are looking for then you should not miss these amazing beaches in Northern America. Some of the best beaches in the world are in this list so be sure to give it a read.

Bellows Field Beach, Oahu
If you want to treat yourself to some pure Hawaiian magic then this is the beach for you. The sandy shore and the seemingly enclosed layout of the beach gives you just the right amount of relaxation to take the burdens of a busy life off of your shoulders. There is one fact that one should look out for though, that the beach has a lot of jellyfish that is bought ashore by the tide, other than that, it is a vision of paradise!

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire 
If you are willing to spend you vacation in New Hampshire than this beach, touted rightfully as the super star beach, is the place for you. It has a lot of recreational park, you can avail the facilities of golfing, and combine that with shopping and you have your self a dream that just came true! It is dubbed as the premier holiday spot and it has all the reasons to be so!

Manhattan Beach, New York
For all the Newyorkers, the manhattan beach is the placee for it all when the summers hit. If it is a tan that you want, a family picnic, or a night time barbeque with friends, there is no place like the Manhattan beach. The beach has a lot of space for all sorts of outdoor activities which includes sports as well. Being exactly the right distance away from the hustle bustle of the city, this is how you escape in style!

Waianapanapa Beach, Maui
Another one of those beaches that are perfect for hiking and other cool outdoor activities. The tide and the current on this particular beach, also known as the Black Sand Beach, is sometimes too strong for you to dive in, so might as well know the weather conditions before taking the plunge. But if you are in Maui, this is one place you should definitly not miss.

Coronado Beach, California 
On the contrary, if it is fishing, diving, surfing, and swimming that you are looking forward too, instead of the outdoor activities, then Coronado beach is just the place for you. Bright and summery with crisp waters, it is the ideal location for a dip in the warm summer sun to cool of your skin and enjoy the heat in the true sense of the word. It is included in one of the most expensive and the best beaches in the world, so it will not be a disappointment that is guaranteed.

Malibu Beach, California 
Malibu is one of the first beaches that come to mind when one thinks of North America. A true beauty and a pleasurable sight to behold, this beach has just the right mix of weather conditions to help you live your surfing experience to the height. It also boasts of an amazing coast line! Truly something that should not be missed.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
This is one of the best beaches is North America with an annual visitor count of around 400,000 people. The biggest lure for the visitors is of course the spotless sand, the crisp sunlight, and ideal surfing conditions but one should not over look the countless water parks, golfing adventures, shopping and lots of other fun stuff. No wonder it is one of the best beaches!

Palm Beach, Florida 
Palm beach is the holiday destination for many a famous families and why shouldn’t it be so. The beach boasts of excellent weather conditions nearly the whole year round and a pack of excellent beach resorts, it was termed as one of the best places to live in! Now isn’t that exquisite?

Clearwater Beach, Florida
This beautiful beach in Florida is one where you shall exhaust yourself but of energy not of the things to do. With dolphin watching to para sailing, this place has everything for a person of every age! The gorgeous white sand and the beautiful blue water topped with a gorgeous sky, just what one dreams off!

D.T. Fleming Beach, Maui 
Now if you are in for a relaxing, peaceful weekend and Hawaii is the destination you have in mind, just close your eyes and go to Fleming beach. Trust me, there is no place more serene than this beach where nature is at its most splendid self ever!


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