Looks matter! We all think life is easy for the beautiful people. In many ways it is true. Things come easier when your beautiful. Guys will always want you, high school is easier, heck even jobs come easy for attractive people. However being good looking is not a walk in the garden. Gorgeous people are often the target of stalkers, jealousy and yes esteem in your later years. So if your not hot, worry not!
Here we have the ugly truth about good looks.

10. Your Achievements Don’t Matter
Angelina Jolie is philanthropist, an oscar winner and a highly intelligent woman. But what is she most famous for ? You guessed it, her beauty. Unfortunately being good looking makes it difficult for a person to be taken seriously at times.

9. Arrogance
Till your youth is prevalent it is easy for you to get all the attention. And all that attention can result in swollen head! This causes an individual to lose their sense of the real world and become narcissistic. And we all know what happened to narcissus! If you make your looks the central point of your life your destruction is bound to take place sooner or later.

8. Unapproachability
As nice as they may seem most people are intimidated by good looking people. This might make you seem like a snob and make you seem indifferent even if your not.

7. No Game
If you are an Adonis chances are you depend on your looks to get all the women. A reality check for all you handsome hunks out there , if you think flashing your puppy dog eyes and cockily asking for our number will make us fall into your buff arms! Wrong! The hunks rely too much on their looks and that can backfire cause no girl wants to be with a dude who has no game especially if he is prettier than her.

6. So Many Dates So Little Time
Get hit on all the time can be a bit of a nuisance. You will be prone to dating all types of guys an regretting it. Saying no is a hard thing and if you don’t learn to say no to the guys your not interested in then you will end up being labeled a slut!

5. Superficiality
Vanity insanity. Being a total hotty can result in a vain and superficial personality. People tend to tell the beautiful ones how good looking they are and this results in them becoming vainer and self obsessed. Vanity is one the seven deadly sins that lead to self destruction as portrayed in Oscar Wildes ‘A portrait of Dorian Gray’.

4. Genetic Incompatibility
Statistically speaking there are a greater number of beautiful women in this world in comparison to handsome men. Beautiful women with dominant genes tend to have daughters which results in a more beautiful female race. This then leads to uglier men and genetic incompatibility.

3. Losing Your Best Asset With Age
Beauty is a terrible investment. Its value keeps on diminishing with time. So if your beautiful and your marvelous countenance is your only asset I am afraid with time it will fade away and you will be left with nothing of value which will lead to low self esteem.

2. Hate club
Girls hate you because your beautiful and guys hate you cause your unreachable. This leads to stalkers and Jealous peers. Women will especially put attractive women down because they are insecure and jealous.

1. Assumptions
Dumb, vain, shallow and gold diggers. These are just few of the terms used to label beautiful people. People who are good looking have to work twice as hard to prove they are not dumb in comparison to their average looking counterparts.

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