Searching for a prefect resort to spend your vacations is always difficult, to help you guys out we have the tip top ten resorts in the world, which are highly exotic, luxurious and make you feel your dream come true. These places which we will mention below are the most beautiful places you have ever come across, these are based in beauty, exquisitely elite and have the first class accommodations with spa pampering. You’ll surely love it!

10. Little Palm Island Resort
This one is located off the coasts of Florida and price of accommodation of one night is 1145 dollars, this resort has 28 cabin air conditioning and each with private swimming pool and shower outside on the floor constructed of bamboo.
9. Burj Al Arab Hotel / Resorts
This Hotel is located in Dubai, UAE and price of its accommodation of one night is 1333 dollars.
8. Huka Lodge
This resort is located in New Zealand and price of accommodation of one night is 1780 dollars, the guests reside in huts, which are surely the most beautiful thing!
7. Turtle Island Hosts
This is one of the islands of Fiji in Caribbean Sea and the price of one night is 1832 dollars, this resort has 14 small huts which consist of two rooms from which you can have a perfect view of the sea. The hut contains a swimming bath too.
6. Wakaya Club Resort
This resort is also located on the Caribbean Sea islands and the price of one night stay is 1900 dollars but the minimum days to stay in this resort is five days.
5. Singite Game Reserve
Its price I 2200 dollars for one night stay and this is situated in the heart of the jungles of South Africa. There are 18 suites located in five different huts.
4. Le Toiny
Bartalmi area is located in the French West Indies and the price is 2092 dollars for one night stay. This resort contains 15 huts and each hut has one room which is like three rooms combines.
3. Frégate
This is the island of the Seychelles group of islands and 2500 dollars is the price for one night stay. This island is owned by a billionaire Germany Otto Abel.
2. North Island
This is also from the Seychelles Islands and the price is 3500 dollars for one night stay.
1. The Mansion
This is situated in Las Vegas US and the price is 5000 dollars for a night stay. This is a palace designed in urban fashion and has 29 homes which will make you feel like in heaven.


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