No matter how much the electronic media progresses, it can never replace books as they are still the most stable and suitable form of knowledge preservation known to mankind.Even though books are interesting themselves, it is more interesting to observe the designs of the bookshelves they are kept in.
Compiled below is a list of the 10 Most Unique and Creative bookshelves adapted from Homeinteriorszone.

1. Cave Bookshelf
Designed by Sakura Adachi, this womb-like structure of a bookshelf aims to keep the relation of a reader and the books as intimate as possible. 

2. Folding-Bed Bookshelf
This is a multipurpose bed-cum-bookshelf designed by Karen Babel which saves a lot of room and is recommended for the money savers. 

3. Elastic Bookshelf
Don’t worry it won’t break! the Elastic bookshelf is made with wide conveyor-belt like elastic bands stretched between two pegs on a wall perfect to keep books or CD's inside.

4. Toolbox-like Bookshelf
This perfect little Toolbox-like bookshelf will let you save books inside in a complete ‘fit-in’ state. Ideal to store a collection of books on a specific topic. 

5. Wooden Chair Bookshelf
Read, sit or sleep! This multipurpose Wooden-Chair bookshelf makes sure you never have to walk again to a bookshelf. 

6. Coffee Table Bookshelf
The Coffee Table bookshelf is perfect for coffee-loving readers. Store it all at one place and read or drink whenever you like. 

7. Stack Bookshelf
The Stack bookshelf gets a five-star for its functionality. It makes sure your books never displace from their position, not even an inch. 

8. Wall-Wave Bookshelf
The wall-wave bookshelf can be used to keep books, study newspaper or work on an assignment. It is another example of great multipurpose bookshelves. 

9. Tan-gram Bookshelf
If you are a Lego fan, you simply can’t miss this. Tan-gram makes book-keeping more fun through its artistic structure adapted from the Lego blocks. 

10. Split-wood Bookshelf
When you want more room for your books, the Split-wood bookshelf is the thing to go far. The amazing geometry of this shelf enables it to store more books in very less space.


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